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My name is Mark Ferguson I love educating the world about investing in real estate and being a real estate agent.

Before I bought my first rental property, I knew investing in real estate was the best thing I could do with my money, but I had trouble saving enough money, was scared I would lose money and was constantly told rental properties were a not worth the trouble by friends, family and peers.

I knew I wanted a better life for myself - one where I didn’t have to work if I didn’t want too. A life where I could afford luxuries like the Lamborghini I had always wanted since I was a kid.

I made some big changes in my life, attitude and the way I invested. I currently own 16 rental properties, with a plan to buy 100 total. I have flipped over 100 houses and I run a real estate team of 9. And I bought that Lamborghini! I do this without sacrificing time with my beautiful wife and twin toddlers. You can learn more about me on my About Me page, check out some of the products I’ve created for you, but for now I encourage you to read through my blog, sign up for my email list where I’ll send you a lot of goodies, and check out the different resources I’ve made available for you, including a cash flow and cash on cash return calculator.

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How to Buy Real Estate Below Market Value

Buying real estate is an awesome investment if you buy right. You can't buy any house off the MLS and expect to make money on it.

You have to buy properties below market value to take full advantage of real estate whether flipping or buying rentals.

In less than 20 minutes, you’ll learn the most important principles I’ve learned over thousands of hours of intensive studying. I currently have 11 flips going and own 16 rentals all of which have been bought well below market value .

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