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There are many ways to invest. I have found real estate is by far the best investment for me.

I own 15 rentals and the produce over $7,000 in income every month.

Rentals have been fantastic and I plan to buy at least 100.

In this book I show you why real estate is so awesome and the best ways to invest including:

  • The basics on real estate investing
  • How to figure real returns with cash flow
  • What types of properties to buy
  • What types of properties make the most money
  • How to manage properties
  • How to find a property manager
  • How much money you will need
  • How to buy with less money than you think
  • Whether you should leverage your money
  • How risky is investing in real estate
  • How to protect your properties
  • Is now a good time to buy with increasing prices?
  • Much more!

This book is also available on Amazon as a kindle eBook here.

If you want more than just a book, but personal guidance and coaching check out My Complete Blueprint to Successful Real Estate Investing. This program comes with all my books, coaching, conference calls, MP3’s and CD’s, video modules and a whole lot more.

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Retire Rich and Early with Real Estate, is a book written by Mark Ferguson; a successful investor, Realtor and business owner. This book describes the benefits of investing in real estate in great detail. Rental properties are one of the best ways to grow wealth in order to retire early with no retirement calculators. This book describes the benefits of rental properties, how much money you can make from rental properties, how to retire early with rental properties and much more information like;

  • Who do you listen to when investing in real estate
  • Great Resources for investors
  • How much Money will you need to buy a rental property?
  • How to save enough money to invest?
  • How to Buy Investment Property with Little Money Down
  • How much risk is involved with rental properties?
  • What happens if property values decline?
  • Should you Pay Cash or get a Loan when Purchasing Investment Properties?
  • Is now a good time to invest or are we in a housing bubble?
  • Are single family or multifamily rentals better?
  • How to protect your assets when purchasing rental properties
  • How to find an investor friendly Realtor
  • How to Find a Great property manager
  • How to Make One Million Dollars Investing in Real Estate

If you have ever thought about investing in rental properties this is a must have book and will help get you started in your journey to early retirement and wealth!

Mark Ferguson is an investor who owns 15 long-term rentals and has completed over 100 fix and flips. Mark is also a successful real estate agent, having sold over 500 homes in the last three years. Mark runs, a incredible blog that follows his rental property business and gives advice on many real estate related topics.


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