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I have been a Realtor since 2001, but I never made it big until I found REO. I started listing REO properties in 2007 and over the last three years (2011-2014) I sold over 550 houses, most of which were REO listings. My total commissions are routinely over $500,000 a year. The REO and BPO starter kit teaches you how to get REO listings and start making money immediately with BPOs. It is not easy, it will not happen overnight, but if you work hard and apply the techniques I show you, you can make a lot of money.

The REO kit comes with coaching from me as well as much more. 

Please note this product comes with the Six Figure Real Estate Agent Success Kit. You can own the REO and BPO Starter Kit on this page or own the Six Figure Real Estate Agent Success Kit, which includes the REO and BPO starter kit here. 


Continue reading below to see everything that is included in the REO and BPO starter kit. 


It is not easy to get started listing REOs. There are a lot of banks, a lot of asset management companies and not all of them have REO listings. There are even some companies that will promise to give you listings for a fee and then disappear never to be heard from again. I wasted a lot of time and money chasing companies that never had REO assets.

Right now may be the perfect time to get into the business, because REO listings are down. Yes, you heard that right. When REO is down, there are much fewer agents trying to get into the business and that makes it easier for new agents to get into the business. We always have cycles and REO inventory will increase again.

Whats included in the kit?

  • REO and BPO starter guide that tells you exactly how to:
    • List of REO companies I work with and who have current REO inventory
    • List of BPO companies I work with that will help you earn money right away
    • List of groups that you should join to help you get more listings
    • The best way to contact assert managers
    • The best way to get started when you have no experience
  • Four part video series that tells you:
    • How I got started in the business
    • How to list REO properties
    • How to avoid getting fired once you have an REO listing
  • Email coaching from me personally
    • Ask me anything about the business
    • Ask me if a company is worth working with or spending money on
    • Ask me questions about what to do when you get an assignment!
  • Sample resume
    • Shows you what the banks are looking for and how to impress them.

If traditional real estate is not for you or you are looking to supplement your current real estate business; REO is a great business to be in.

What the REO Starter Kit will do for you

  • Learn what REOs are so you have the knowledge needed to get into the business and impress asset managers
  • Learn where to find asset managers that have assets and can give you listings
  • Learn where to find BPO companies that pay from $50 to $125 per BPO
  • Learn how to put together a killer REO packet to send to asset managers and banks
  • Learn how REO conferences can get you assignments
  • Learn which websites to sign up for and which to avoid
  • Learn which trade organizations are the best
  • Learn how to talk to asset managers so that they want to work with you
  • Learn how to promote yourself to asset managers so that they find you when they need assign a listing
  • Learn how to do a good job when you get a REO assignment so you impress your asset managers and they want to send you more business
  • Learn how to market your properties better so that you will sell your assignments quickly
  • Learn the basic requirements that you will need to be eligible for assignments; insurance, experience, knowledge etc..

Bonuses included with the REO Starter Kit

  • A sample resume that will show you how to impress asset managers
  • Tons of HUD information to help you learn how to sell HUD homes. The more HUD homes you sell, the better chance you have of becoming a HUD listing broker
  • Access to personal coaching from me to help you get REO listings and BPOs
  • A list of all the banks, asset management companies and hedge funds I work for plus more companies that I know have assets (close to 100 companies).


More Testimonials

“Mark, thanks for your expertise yesterday. You’ve got me thinking more about when the time is going to be right to bring on an assistant and if building a team may not be a good move in the future.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Also, I received my first REO yesterday from ***** (****** assets)!  Thanks for your coaching on this as I wouldn’t have known where to begin without your REO program.
Sean Coster”

“Hi Mark,
I just wanted to say I read through the kit and I was blown away by how detailed you were. Stuff I had absolutely no idea even existed. As you know, I am so new at REO but I appreciated the opportunity to receive your report. For someone purchasing this kit who is interested in getting into the business of selling REO’s, I believe this report has every single detail in it that a person would need to get started and be successful. As someone who is so new and doesn’t know anything about REOs, I am so happy to have this as I am seriously considering getting my license and I was especially interested in the part about writing BPOs. ” – Michelle Y

“The REO starter kit is excellent. While I was aware of much of what you mentioned, connecting the dots and the sample resume brought it all together.” -Troy F

Hi Mark,

Just wanted to touch base with you and had a couple of follow-up questions.  Thanks for the help again!

After signing up with ************ and a couple of the other free REO network groups I’ve been starting to get some BPO’s the last 2 weeks which is great!  My plan is to try to do as many BPO’s as you suggested in your kit and hopefully do a good job with the values and turn around times to eventually earn some more listings. My question for you is how many BPO’s did you do before you finally got some attention or caught an asset manager’s eye?  In your opinion what’s the most important thing they’re looking for – accurate values, most detailed analysis, or turnaround time?

Also, after I signed up with ********** one of the sales contacts there gave me a list of asset management companies that have active listings in my area for me to market to which is great information to have. 


In this kit, Mark explains in great detail and step-by-step on how to break into the business of becoming an REO broker.  As I am currently studying for my real estate license, this information has me very excited about an avenue of real estate that I could pursue.  Mark gives plenty of tips on how to get started and provides crucial web links.  He also gives an interesting introduction on how banks sell their REO’s.  I haven’t seen anything on REO’s as detailed as this book.  Five stars, I highly recommend it!


Money back guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the kit for any reason, simply email me within 30 days of your purchase and you will receive a full refund.

Get started in the REO business today and feel free to email me with any questions [email protected]


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