Mastery Course Week 1

Week 1: Creating the ideal environment for success

First things First. We start off with mindset and setting yourself up for success. The techniques I learned in this module have changed my life. It has made everything easier with business, family, stress and money. Please do not take these videos lightly or ignore them!

Goals of this module:

  1. Create routines and habits that will make you more successful, focused and efficient.
  2. Learn to delegate unnecessary tasks and plan your schedule so that you make the most of your time.
  3. Create goals in your life that will help you achieve more than you ever thought possible.
  4. Learn to use fear as a motivator and good thing.


1. Daily Routines

A daily routine will help you focus, concentrate on the big picture and reduce stress. When I stopped doing my daily routine, things stopped happening for me. It was crazy, but nothing worked, even though it all should have worked in theory. As soon as I started up my routines again, everything improved. I made more money, had more ideas, more time and felt better.

Your task first task for this module is to create a daily routine. Here is what my routine looks like.

  1. I write down what I am thankful for that day. This is a great time to reflect on what happened that was good that day. This reflection stores the good thoughts in your head and reminds you what is working.
  2. I review my mission statement for helping people. Some would call this a life purpose or your reason for doing what you do. This can be a page long explanation of why you want to succeed or it can be a couple of sentences.
  3. I review my major goals which are based on income, family, health, wants and business. I have about five to seven main goals I think about all the time.
  4. I review what would make me ecstatic in life.
    1. I want to add a 6 car garage to the back of my house. The garage would have a library above part of it that overlooks the garage and an observation room above the library to see the mountains and storms better (I am a weather nut). In the garage I would have an 85 Countach, a V8 Esprit, an Aston Martin V8 (1980s), a killer Toyota Landcruiser FJ40. Those are the cars I can see from my balcony overlooking the garage. I would have more of course in the other garage.
    2. To be able to go on month long vacations without having to worry about work or money. Obviously I would have to do our coaching calls, but that would be about it. These vacations would be in the Caribbean, most likely Turks and Caicos.
    3. An awesome blog that helps as many people as possible and hits one million views a month in 2016.
    4. A happy and close family with the freedom to do whatever we want. For my wife to start her sewing company and see it be a huge success.
    5. An exotic car dealership that I own and run. My job would be to buy the cars and we would have at least 15 exotic cars at any given time.
  5. After reviewing this list I close my eyes and visualize myself walking in to my garage and seeing all the cars. I try to imagine as much detail as possible for the building, cars, library. I see the secret door that goes through a bookshelf in my office and the other entrance through our master bedroom. Then I visualize the other things on my list. Finally I meditate by trying to clear my head of everything and completely relax.
  6. Make a list of the most important things you have to the next day and make sure they are on the schedule to be done as soon as possible.

While I am completing my daily routine I am in my office with no distractions. I have my vision board on my desk and car magazines or books open to the cars I want. You can change your routine or copy mine. Add things or delete things how you see fit.

On Sundays I spend more time planning the next week and what I need to do to accomplish my main goals. I try to set up my schedule, but I am very bad about this. Planning my schedule was the hardest thing for me to do in my life coaching and still is. I do know what I will be doing for the most part in my head and any appointments are in my phone.

Every month I review the month and how it went, what I can do better and what I will do next month. It helps to set reminders in your phone to plan your weeks and months.

Here is an article that talks more about daily routines.

2. Goals, goals, goals!

Goals are one of the most important things you can create for yourself. You need big goals that challenge you, not wimpy goals that are easy. Goals are another thing that helped me do more than I ever thought possible. I bought my Lamborghini thanks to goals and making aggressive goals.

The next task is to write down 100 goals! This is not easy, but it accomplishes many awesome things in your life. It makes you think of everything you want. You will have to dig deep. Do not discount any goals because you don’t believe you can achieve them or you don’t think society would think it is a valid goal.

Send me your goals if you are willing! It is great to be accountable and sharing goals is the best way to be held accountable. My blog has been an awesome way for me to be held accountable by thousands of people! My goal to by 100 properties not only has brought many people to the blog, but has helped me keep on track and keep pushing to buy more rentals.

Once you have the 100 goals. Pick five to seven of the most important goals. You will focus on those goals.

  1. What is the goal and when will you accomplish it?
  2. What do you have to have to accomplish it?
  3. Who do you need help from to accomplish it?
  4. What will you have to do outside your comfort zone to accomplish it?
  5. Then break down the goal into smaller time frames. If the goal is a ten year goal then break it down into what you have to do every year, then every month and possibly every week.

If you can attach a prize to each goal that adds even more motivation. “When I ___________I will get _________. For example when I bought ten rental properties I told myself I would buy another cool car. I did not think it would be a Lamborghini at the time, but it worked out!

Try to review your entire list of goals at least every month if not every week. Set a reminder in your phone for this as well.

Here is an article with even more information on goals. 

3. Time management

Time is our most valuable asset. Focus is severely lacking in our society. The two are intertwined and if you can master focus, you will gain more time. The more time you have, the more relaxed you will be. The more relaxed you are, the more focused you will be. If you can focus better, it will change your life. If you can manage your time better, it will change your life. Please complete a time budget for yourself and see how you can gain more hours, have more time for big picture thoughts and make more money!


Your next task is to plan out your schedule for the next week. Be as detailed as possible and include personal things as well. Put that schedule in your phone or keep it with you all the time. Every day review your schedule and see how well you did or where you could have done better.

For my schedule I know I will play golf Monday afternoon and Thursday afternoon. I will publish a new article Monday morning, a podcast Wednesday morning and possibly another article on Friday depending on work I have to do. We have our team meeting Thursdays at 11 and date night is Friday or Saturday night (no kids). The rest of my schedule will vary on the week from the time I get to the office (8-9) to when a leave (4-5). I will take calls, look at houses, respond to email work on the blog, occasionally list a REO property or help someone on my team. I have the habit of checking MLS for deals at least 5 times a day. If I was doing my schedule the right way I would have everything filled in with: free time with family, dinner, lunch, prospect for new financing, search for MLS listings, etc.

The more you can schedule ahead of time the better off you will be. If people try to suck your time away without an appointment, politely tell them you are busy and they will have to schedule a time to talk. If you do not do this they will think it is okay to drop in whenever and do it more and more. Most people have no sense of what work ethic really is. It is not showing up at work, it is doing work and you cannot work if you are constantly talking to people about non sense. Networking is different. You should be networking with people who can help you or are well to do.

Link to related time article

One last tip. Try adding a no phone time period for you and your family. Our phones eat up tons of time and the less you can stare at it for no particular reason the more time you will have!


4. Fear

Fear stops many people from accomplishing what they know they could do. Fear protects us from danger, but there are also many things we are fearful of that will not hurt us. If you can change your mindset from worrying about fear and letting it stop you, to using fear to get you farther in life, you will see huge breakthroughs! The things you remember in life were not easy, they were scary and challenging. Every time you are fearful of something, remember that if you conquer that fear you will feel awesome and create a life long memory.

Talking about conquering fear is wonderful, but how do you actually get past those fears? Education, visualization and giving yourself strict criteria for when and how you will conquer those fears is a start.

There is no task associated with this concept. I think you will busy enough as it is. Remember that fear is a good thing, because it usually means we are doing something outside our comfort zone. When we get outside our comfort zone is when we make the biggest breakthroughs and create lasting memories.

Here is a great article on comfort zones.

5. Visualization

We talked about a lot of techniques and tactics in this module. There is a lot of information to take in if you have not used any of this before. I don’t expect you to adopt all of this in one week. But try to make at least a couple changes. The daily routine is extremely important and a great start. One thing you can add to your daily routine is a dream story.


Dream stories can last from 5 to 15 minutes. I find if you make them too long you are less likely to listen to them. You can listen to your dream story when you drive to work, run errands, at night before bed or whenever you have something big coming up and you need motivation.

Task for this section is to write a dream story and record it on your phone. Listen to it as much as possible. Make sure you review your list of goals when you write the story and make it in the future five or ten years. Include detailed information on what your business, work, personal life, family, investing and free time all look like. Don’t limit yourself!

As far as visualization goes, use it whenever you can to achieve more.

  • When working out visualize yourself in shape on the beach.
  • When driving visualize yourself driving the car of your dreams.
  • When in your house visualize yourself in the home of your dreams.

Another tip is to use driving time for growth. Don’t listen to the radio all the time. Listen to self-help CDs, audio books or listen to nothing. Simply think about your life and what you can do better or what is working.


6. How do I handle everything I do?

Finally how do I make everything work together in my life? I have 16 rentals, 10 flips or so going on at any one time, a real estate team of 10 and I write all the articles on the blog. I don’t work 100 hours a week, or even 60. I usually work 40 hours a week or less and that is because I have awesome people, I manage my time wisely, I focus when I work and I do not let people distract me.

If you can implement the techniques I have taught you in this module, you will have more time, more money and be happier even without learning a thing about real estate. The final thing I want to discuss which is big, is thinking positive. I am a huge believer in thinking positive as much as possible. The happier you are, the more opportunities you will see, the more risks you will take and the less fear will bother you.

My tip for thinking positive is think about why you are mad or sad or down. Most people let their emotions run their lives. They get angry and never think about if the reason they are angry is even valid. When you get down think about why you are upset and if it is worth being upset for. I used to get furious when the Broncos lost, I was not fun to be around. I realized that I was letting a game I had no control over make me angry. Now I think about why I am mad and if it is worth it. I can’t control the game, I can’t change it and it really does not affect me at all! If the Broncos are sucking many times I will stop watching and go play with my cars instead.

Here is an article on positive thinking.

This page lists many more articles I have written on success and mindset.

One final thought. You do not have to do everything perfect! If you are a perfectionist you are most likely costing yourself hours and hours every week. You should do good work and be proud of your work, but you don’tr have to have work that is 100 percent perfect. Sometimes 95 percent will get the exact same results and save you hours.

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