Invest Four More Affiliate Program Overview

Affiliate Program Overview & FAQ

Invest Four More has an affiliate program designed to make it easy for internet marketers to earn commissions on sales of our products.

Affiliates earn 50% of referred sales.


If you’re ready to sign-up, please head over to our Affiliate Registration Page.

Existing Affiliates

If you are already an affiliate, you can head over to the Affiliate Dashboard.

FAQs for Potential Affiliates

1. What Audience Would Like Invest Four More Products?

If your website’s audience is interested in real estate investment and real estate agent success.

2. How Much Money do Affiliates Make?

Affiliates earn 50% of each sale.

3. How do Affiliates Advertise Invest Four More Products?

Invest Four More has many products, including eBooks, complete success systems, and coaching. Affiliates may use the Invest Four More descriptions and must link back to either or to a specific product in the shop.

4. How do Affiliates Track Affiliate Purchases?

We utilize a program called AffiliateWP, which uses cookies and WordPress factors to track purchases. AffiliateWP tracks referrals no matter the landing page or purchase page–it is a site wide system (operating on that stays in place for 6 months from the referral. No affiliate tracking method is perfect, however, this system is very well-suited and has tested highly effective on this site.

5. Is There an Affiliate Dashboard?

Yes. You will be able to see graphs showing traffic, purchases, and payouts.

6. When are Affiliates Paid?

When a sale is made, you will receive an email notification. Our products have a 30 day guarantee. After a sale is made, we wait 30 days, and then pay out referrals at the end of each month. Payments are made on a minimum of $100.

7. Where can Affiliates Review the Terms of the Affiliate Program?

Please see our terms of service.